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BBQ Turkey Burgers

January 6, 2023

Donna M. Skolnick

Donna M. Skolnick



  • In a large bow, add the ground turkey, cubed bread, Italian bread crumbs, milk, soy sauce, and garlic powder.

Mix well with your hands.

  • Using a food scale weight the ground turkey mixture to 1/4 pound for each turkey burger.
  • Let rest for 10 minutes in the refrigerator, while you heat your barbecue grill for 10 minutes.
  • Once the grill is heated, clean the grill with a paper towel soaked in oil. Rub the bbq grates with the oiled paper towel. Do this twice. I like to use a long kitchen tool, to not get burned.
  • Set one side of your grill to high.Set one side of your grill to low. I like having 2 zones ready to go on the bbq. One zone should be super hot, and the other kept at a much lower temperature.
  • Once the grill has heated, place the turkey burgers on the hot side of the grill.
  • Close the grill cover and cook the turkey burgers for 2 minutes.
  • Open the grill cover and rotate the burgers on the grill by 1/4 turn. (This is what created the grill marks). Before you shut the grill cover, take the temperature of the turkey burgers. Remember a great tasting juicy turkey burger should bbq until it reaches 160 degrees F.
  • Cook for 2 minutes. Test the temp of your turkey burger again. If the turkey burger at 160, take the turkey burgers off the grill.
  • If the turkey burger is NOT at 160 degrees, move the burgers from the hot side of the grill to the cooler side of the grill. Keep checking your food, plan to cook for one minute at a time - then check the temp of the turkey burgers . Keep doing this until the temp of the burgers reaches 160 degrees.‍

The Casa Bella Outdoor test kitchen uses one the best barbecue grills on the market. We use a FireMagic bbq. The FireMagic bbq grills are among the hottest bbq grills you can buy. The goal of a bbq is to "sear" the meat quickly thereby retaining the juices and natural flavor of the meat.

If you are using a different barbecue to grill, you may need to adjust the cooking times. Remember to use that digital thermometer to keep testing the temp of the meat. Once the turkey burgers hit 160 it's done.

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